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S.E.A.D Mission Statement

The S.E.A.D. Interdenominational Fellowship is a coalition of churches and ministries that recognizes the need for networking, accountability, fellowship, and resource facilitation.

Our mission is to become the catalyst and resource agent for the unity and support of churches and ministries who desire to fulfill the biblical mandate to win souls and nurture believers into the body of Christ,

Our key concern is that every member church is provided with the necessary tools to mature the vision of God as they understand it.

Through the unification and collaboration of our collective member resources, this fellowship can assist all the churches in accomplishing their respective ministries to the body and to the world.

What is Soul-winners Evangelism And Disciple-makers?

S.E.A.D. is an evangelism training ministry born of the conviction that sharing Jesus Christ with others is not an option, but the mandate of Jesus Christ to every church and to each individual.

What does S.E.A.D Do?

S.E.A.D. attempts to address the problems of outreach and discipleship by helping churches organize the ministry outreach, training the members to share Jesus Christ, and manage the ministry of discipleship. S.E.A.D.’s focus is to assist the pastor as he or she leads the leadership, and the church in the central mission of winning souls and nurturing them to a level of maturity.

How Does S.E.A.D. help Pastors and Churches?

S.E.A.D. gets the whole church involved in evangelism as a way of life.
S.E.A.D. establishes classes for new Christians and new members.
S.E.A.D. creates ongoing studies in Discipleship.
S.E.A.D. lessens the “back door loss” syndrome.
S.E.A.D. strengthens Sunday School.
S.E.A.D. creates and trains leadership.
S.E.A.D. grows church membership.

How is S.E.A.D. Funded?

The function and operation of S.E.A.D. is funded by free-will gifts, and consistent monthly sowing of $30 – $100 by the S.E.A.D. Faith Covenant Partners. We believe that as churches sow a financial seed into good ground, they will reap a harvest.

Churches of SEAD

Soul Harvest Ministries 

16299 John R St Highland Park, MI 48221

The Worship Center 

176 S. Main #3 Mt Clemens, Mi 48043

For Such a Time as The Deliverance Center 

Crown of Glory

New Life Christian Ministry

Greater St Stephen Missionary Baptist Church

Holy Manifestation Bible Church

Jesus Worship Center

8030 Middlebelt Road Westland, Michigan 48185

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